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Atracic coc mod apk
App NameAtrasis COC APK
APK Size200 MB
APK Version14.211.16
MOD FeaturesAll Unlocked
Update8 Hours Ago

Hey, guys are you in search of great and epic battle games and wanna find a game that is especially based on ancient clash games? Be with us we are here with another great game which will help you to find the most amazing game “Atrasis COC” Do you know what is ATRASIS COC? We will introduce this app in our article so be till the end to gain the whole information.


As we mentioned above Atrasis COC is a game that is based on the game theme ‘Clash/battle’. First of all, let’s know about some details about a similar game Clash of Clans, this game is also called COC, COC is a much popular and well-known game among us which is played at least once by us in our Android using life. COC is a clash game where you have to create clans and perform a strategy fight against your rivals. Create troops and go for attack the other opponents and if you are not in the mood to attack then simply create a great defense to your town it would help you to keep your town hall safe even if any online rival attacks your town.

Now let’s know about Atrasis COC, the official Clash of Clans which is present on the play store had many of its private servers which are developed for its users and Atrasis COC is one of those all other private servers, if you search for this on play store you will not find any results, because its a private server which can be downloaded with the help of other third-party app providers, and we are a third party store from where you can download various games which have mod apks. And the best thing about the private server is it’s not a hacked game but easily you get a lot of wealth and troops in this private server.


The gameplay of Atrasis COC is the best gameplay as compared to all other private servers of COC. After downloading the game from our one-tap downloading button provided above you will come to an interface where you will be asked to allow some permissions, allow all those, and create an account, after this your UI will be updated and displayed on your device screen, you will be in the game where you will find out that you are provided with a lot of never finishing endless wealth from which you can upgrade every single thing present in this game.

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The main aim of this game is that first, you have to prepare and create your town with all the free stuff provided in this fame because you had downloaded the private server of COC. Make your town and increase the level of every single building with the in-game commands, fulfill the town with a high defense system to protect the town from other rival clans, and the other work is you are allowed to attack other online gamers, for this, you have to tap on the ‘attack’ icon which is on the left of the screen now you can select the town as you like because again on the left of the screen there is the total information about the selected opponent town such as the number of coins, gems, and elixirs. Select the most weakest town to attack it will increase your level and gain all three stars which are the most important in every battle.


Yes, we know that infinite questions arose in your mind after the mention of a Private server, and the first question that disturbs is, why should a user skip the original app COC and download the private server? And the other question is will it be banned in the future? We are here to solve your all queries, in the official app COC you will find out that there are many tasks to do and you need to perform hard work and then you will get a single victory, but here if you download the private server you will get everything free and fully unlocked. And to inform you that this version is 100% antiban because it is the private server that officially belongs to COC so the private server is not a hacked and illegal game.


  • Unlimited Gems.
  • Unlimited Resources.
  • Custom Defense Available.
  • Unlocked Heroes Skins.
  • Custom Troops & Heroes.
  • Multiplayer Battles
  • Hero Nita
  • Auto- Max Troop in Attack
  • All Troop Unlocked
  • One- Tap Commands
  • Super Dragon
  • Battle Against Real Players
  • Join Clans & Wars
  • Maximize Village


Unlimited Wealth


This is the most common but the most loved feature where you get the endless wealth which is useful to gain victory in every single match, because with the unlimited money you can buy all troops and the plus point is that you get every troop unlocked, just use the most powerful troop to attack and don’t forget to upgrade your army to the max level because you have the endless wealth, make use of them and thank us later.

Just imagine playing the official COC, and you are playing the best strategy ever and you are about to win but suddenly any pop-up or force ad demonstrates on your screen, and after the 30 seconds ad you are faced with the worst defeat. But this problem will not occur in the private server Atrasis COC because this version itself blocks every single incoming ad.

Townhall 14


You will be in profit because Atrasis COC provided day to day updates and this helps the users to get every newer update than all other COC users, so in this way, the newest and the most expensive update in COC is the Townhall 14, you will have to play COC for many years to build up your town hall till level 14 but Atrasis COC allows and effortlessly provides you Townhall 14, shock your friends and all other online players with this tremendous feature.

Free of Cost

Many Users of COC complain that they wish to use all the premium features but the bad luck is they need to pay some real wealth to unlock all premium stuff so if you fill your game account with a huge number of coins it is still useless, and the dream still remains a dream, but if you download Atrasis COC you will find that all types on in-app purchases are shrugged off so you can now equip every premium stuff and enjoy the game.


1. Who developed this game?

Atrasis COC is one of the superior games of Supercell and Atrasis COC is a private server of Clash of Clans.

2. Will this server get banned in the future?

No, as we mentioned above, private servers are legal and hence created for the users to play COC effortlessly.

3. Will there be any ad in Atrasis COC?

This is your good luck that you will not find any single incoming ad in Atrasis COC (private server).

4. From where do I download Atrasis COC?

We suggest you to download this game from the 100% working one tap downloading button provided by us above

5. Can I log in to my account on other devices?

Yes, you are allowed to log in from various devices just you have to link your account with the game center and again link it with your new device.


To conclude here I would like to inform you that if you skipped the article and are here then go above and read the full article to get the whole information. Download this private server Atrasis COC from the 100% working one tap downloading button, feel free to download because we are not any scam site we know that trust is the main and the most important issue, trust us once and download the Atrasis COC.