Clash of Magic APK Download (Unlimited Troop) – Latest Version

Clash of Magic
App NameClash of Magic APK
File Size202 MB
Apk VersionLatest 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Everything
Last Update8 Hours Ago

Do you know what is the clash of clans? We think that everybody knows about the clash of clans. It is a very popular game which is played all over the world. COC is based on battle games, COC is also well known for its private servers, there are many servers but, the Clash Of Magic is the most popular among those. Clash Of Magic which is COC’s private server is played from every corner of the world. If you know about the clash of clans then you will not find much difference between COC and Clash Of Magic. Clash of magic is an online game where you will have to build up your own colony and go hunt down an opponent’s town.

The main aim of this game is to be the topmost ranking player all over the world and this will come true if you have a lot of money, coins, and gems. And to gain a lot of money you will need a hack, and that is you need a mod version of clash of magic and the mod version will be called a clash of magic MOD APK. In a clash of magic MOD APK, you will find out that there are unlimited resources such as coins, gems, money, elixir, etc.

Clash of Magic MOD APK Amazing Gameplay


The official game was Clash Of Clans. You know that we can fulfill needs but not greed so, the users of clash of clans asked for a new game with new accessories and many more brand new features. But there are some people who are very happy with the clash of clans and they don’t want any type of new update in that game because the Clash Of Clans is a picture-perfect game. This game was developed by supercell for those who are mad at the battle games or we can say clash games. The supercell company of games decided that they will not bring any update in Clash of Clans because it will disturb the gamers who are not interested to make any type of change in the clash of clans so they started to develop and publish new private servers which are also called new private apps.

As we mentioned above there are many servers developed till now and they all are different from each other. But the Clash of magic is played all over the world and it’s famous for its features, graphics, gameplay, and everything is perfect as Clash of Clans. As we said, this Clash Of Magic is famous and well known for its gameplay too. Clash Of Magic is loved by its users. If you download the Clash Of Magic (official game) which is the private server of Clash Of Clans then you will find that there are very other brand new features that are different from the official game Clash Of Clans.

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But there will be other different problems which make you fed up with this game and you will be at such a point where you delete Clash Of Magic, the game will start with level 1 to increase your levels you need to do a lot of hard work in this game Clash Of Magic. Now you will have to buy troops to attack someone’s town, and before that, you have to build up your own town to live in. Keep on going to reach further levels and buy troops and attack towns, upgrade town hall and other buildings. This all hard work will take a long time to rank higher, but imagine what if everything you need is already on your desk just click one button and be the master of this game Clash Of Magic.

Clash of Magic MOD APK Latest Version (Official)


It’s not over here, you would also have to do some extra work to solve all the problems and the simplest and best solution for your problem is here. We always find a solution for your every problem, just do one thing go download the APK version from above one tap downloading button. This work will automatically download the best version of this private server of Clash Of Clans and the Mod version is named as Clash of Magic MOD APK. Download Clash Of Magic MOD APK to use all the customization of brand new mod features.

If you know what is Clash of clans and how to play it then we will not have to give any large information and waste your time. You will find that you have a lot of money, coins, gems, elixirs, etc. You just have to attack other towns with any of your favorite troops because all the high-level troops are already unlocked for you, keep on upgrading town hall, elixirs, buildings, troops, King and queen, your army, etc. feel free to use your wealth to increase the levels of everything because you don’t have to use a single penny on this game or any of your coins or gems. The gameplay of Clash Of Magic MOD APK is given below in short.

Online Warfare

clash of magic online warfare

First of all make sure that you are using the Clash Of Magic MOD APK, now you are having an option where you can play online with your family and friends, and the most amazing thing, you can battle up with the other online opponents. For this you have to click on the search button on the left down corner, now the game will find other online rivals as prey, and on the left side, you can see that all information about the rival is provided such as the level, troops, coins, gems, etc.

If you assume that the opponent is not so stronger and if you attack them you will not get not much profit then the game also allows you to skip on them by using gold and find other opponents. Feel free to use gold as much as you want because the mod version has everything free in it including gold.

Magic Spells

Clash-of-Magic_ Magic Spells

After reading the name of the game Clash Of Magic MOD APK an idea is clicked in your mind that why the ‘magic’ word is used. We are great helpers and find solutions for every problem, the name is derived from the magic mode in this game where you can use magic spells to destroy the buildings, troops, elixir, etc. Use magic spells as well as magic potions to attack directly from the sky.

Clash of Magic MOD APK & Clash of Clans Official

Clash of Magic APKClash of Clans Official
Unlimited CoinLimited Coins
Endless Elixir and Dark ElixirLimited
Tower Skins UnlockedTower Skins Locked
One- Tap Command Not Available
Max Level TroopsNot Available
All Scenery UnlockedLocked
December Gold PassNot Available
Real-Time MatchmakingReal-Time Matchmaking
Latest Updates Latest Updates

Top Features List of Clash of Magic

  • Endless Coins
  • Infinite Elixir, Dark Elixir
  • Custom Heroes and troops
  • Auto Max Heroes While in Attack
  • One Tap Command Available
  • Clan and Wars
  • Gold Pass Available
  • All Scenery Unlocked
  • Multiplayer Battle
  • Free Upgrades
  • Large Army Camp and House
  • Max Heroes Skin Unlocked
  • New and Beta Update Available

Unique Features of Clash of Magic MOD APK Features

With Tons of Unlimited Gems


We the COC lover have a wish to own a greater number of gems as they are important to upgrade your accessories. To develop your base instantly you need a lot of gems. But on the other hand, you know that nothing can be earned bare hands, these gems are not free. You need to do in-game purchases or collect them through your everyday gameplay which is an irritating cycle. And if you can’t afford to buy these gems you will have to face a considerable struggle to expand and develop your base. But don’t worry, if you have this feature of Clash of Magic MOD then it is going to make a lot of profit for you!! Clash of Magic MOD APK has fetched tons of gems for you. Tap on the one-tap downloading button provided by our website as a massive bag of gems is waiting for you!

Kills Ads for Your Smooth Gameplay


Imagine that you are having a great game with your opponents and you are about to win and at this thrilling moment a 30-second force ad appears on your screen and the ad is responsible for your defeat. At that time you feel that you should delete the game but that will be the worst decision. Many of the clash games don’t have any option where you can stop any type of incoming ads but here in Clash Of Magic MOD APK, you will find that ads are dead. It means that no pop-ups or force ads will come in between the gameplay and interrupt your game strategy. This feature will make your gameplay more smooth and unstoppable.

Best Animated and 3D Effects with Video and Sound Quality

This is another mind-blowing feature where you are going to be shocked. Many clash games are just attacking and destroying but the supercell had done their work perfectly where you can see that every minor thing is animated perfectly, the picture quality is a lot attractive that you will keep on looking at It for hours, and talking about the sound and all other music the game is loved by all and this is added by our personal experience so no need to worry about anything in this game.

Safest and Compatible on Every Device


This is another amazing feature of Clash of Magic MOD APK, where you find out that this game is very safe, it doesn’t ask for any of your personal information or any of your private passwords. And this game also doesn’t leak any of your chatting with your family and friends which is done in clan chat. And the other great thing is that sometimes we think that would this application suits my mobile or it will cause an error after downloading? Then this will be a waste of data, but not, this game supports all types of devices whether it is any old android phone or a brand new iOS, this game also works out on PC with zero lag issue. Download this best version of Clash Of Magic MOD APK.

No Need to Spend Any Currency


There are many games that are mind-blowing but every company needs some profit to launch those games so, the company which developed the game always sets some expensive rewards which are unlocked only if you pay money online or do any online in-game purchases. And this purchase is very high in price that 40% of users can’t afford those supplies, so here is the solution, use our link to download the mod version of Clash Of Magic MOD APK and you can see that all those high prices tags are removed and those things are free of cost. This can be possible only if you download Clash Of Magic MOD APK from our site.

Installation Guide for Clash of Magic MOD APK

  1. First of all, you need to download Clash of Magic APK by clicking on the given download button in this post. Clicking the download button will download the APK into your device.
  2. If it’s your first time installing an APK from a third party or outside the Play Store, then you will need to enable permission that you will find in ( Device >> Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources). Here, enable “Install Apps from Unknown Sources” permission.
  3. Now, open the downloaded APK using any of the following methods:
    1. Go to the download tab of your browser and tap the completed download APK from the download list.
    2. Swipe download the notification panel and tap the download complete notification.
    3. Open the file manager. And go to the folder where the APK is saved i.e. Download folder.
  4. Using any of these methods will open the installation window of the APK and shows two options: Install and Cancel.
  5. Tap on the install button. It will start installing the APK on your device. Wait until it’s completed.
  6. After its completion, open the game and enjoy playing it.

Concluding Wordicts

This was the amazing feature, gameplay, and intro of this incredible game Clash Of Magic MOD APK also known as a server of Clash Of Clans with mod apk. And this was the article to represent the all real information about Clash of Magic MOD APK, we always provide you a 100% working one-tap downloading button from where you can easily download the mod apk of this exact game. We give the true information with personal experience so you don’t need to worry about the game, feel free and download now the best clash game ever, Clash Of Magic MOD APK.