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clash of souls
App NameClash of Souls
File Size146 MB
Apk VersionLatest 2022
MOD FeaturesAll Unlocked
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At this period, there is no need to clarify what is Clash Of Clans. Clash of Clans evolved to be the great bang in the field of mobile games. This super strategy and real-time game from Supercells reached the top of the peak of all download catalogs. Many private servers of Clash of Clans have been developed for the players to improvise their gameplay. Clash of Souls is the popular COC MOD game with a private server service. And you know the advantages of MOD games where you get unlimited resources like gold, gems, elixir, etc. for free. If you are searching for Clash of Souls APK, welcome to the appropriate spot.

Clash of Souls APK: The MOD Version Of COC

Clash of Souls APK  The MOD Version Of COC

Do you wish to play COC with all its resources free of limitation? Clash of Souls is the private server of the most popular game Clash of Clans which offers you a user-friendly and safe application without limitation of resources. It is played by millions of gamers worldwide. The foremost reason for Clash of Soul’s popularity is its high-quality graphic and smooth gameplay because of its good server. Clash of Souls APK has unlimited gems and gold which helps you to glorify anything in no time, unlimited resources, which are used for training, building to upgrading your game.

As the name suggests, private servers are developed by independent developers and have no restrictions as in the original version of the game. It has a lot of desirable features which you will explore in the article. If you are in search of a modded version of Clash of Clans with a dependable private server, I will precisely suggest you download Clash of Souls APK.

Why Pick Clash of Souls?

Clash of Souls

Every COC lover wants and strives to win matches at any expense and further compete with other clans and achieve victory. As you know the main resources in the game are gold, elixir, dark elixir and these resources give rise to the build-up of your castle and raise troops to defeat rival clans. And with a great army and castle, you can attain victory in every match. But while you explore the gameplay of COC you may find that it isn’t an easy task to collect resources as well as win the game.

==> Best Server – COC Private Server

But still, it is the dream of every clash enthusiast. And to fulfill this dream of clash addicts, Clash of Souls, the private server of COC offers you unlimited resources and other addictive features. There are many other private servers available for the popular game, Clash Of Clans such as Clash of Magic, Nulls Clash, PlenixClash, etc. but you must give a try to Clash of Souls and analyze its server operation. We are providing you with the best and reliable private server of Clash Of Clans which is free to play.

Clash of Souls Highlighting Features

Unlimited Gems


Every COC lover has a wish to own a max and max number of gems as they are vital to upgrade your playability. To develop your base instantly you need tons of gems. But on the other hand, you know that nothing can be earned handily I.e. these gems are not free. You need to purchase them from in-game shops or collect them through your regular gameplay which is a towering cycle. And if you can’t afford to buy these gems you will have to face a considerable struggle to expand and develop your base.
But don’t worry now as this feature of Clash of Souls MOD is going to be a ‘golden hen’ for you!! Clash of Souls APK has fetched tons of gems for you. Tap on the download button provided by our website as a massive bag of gems is waiting for you!!

Infinite Gold, Elixir & Dark Elixir


Along with gems, gold and elixir are also very important resource that enhances your gaming strategy. Without gold, you can’t boost your defense system, buildings and without elixir, you cannot create your troops nor upgrade laboratories or camps. Coming to Dark Elixir it is used for assembling Dark elixir troops which are unique, significant, and help you win wars in max ways. Realize the significance of these resources!! The gameplay is fully dependent on these resources. With Clash of Souls APK, you get access to unlimited gold, elixir, and dark elixir. Imagine the world of Clans with infinite gold and elixir!!

Zero Lag Issues

lag issue

In the original game, Clash of Clans, many lags might have come across your gameplay. It becomes quite disturbing as it causes an imbalance in your gameplay. This is not in the case of Clash of Souls APK which has a trusted server and is controlled 24/7 by promising developers. This private server of COC widely focuses on smooth and uninterrupted gameplay.

Safe and Compatible


Before installing any application, you may arise the question of whether the following application works on your device or not? So here is the answer to your question, Clash of Souls MOD is highly compatible which can run on Androids as well as iOS devices. Yes, this game is compatible with Apple users as well as you can enjoy this game on your PC. Talking about safety, as discussed earlier, this private server is developed by third-party developers but you don’t have to worry about its safety. This COC private server is safe to use and free to play and I would highly recommend you to download Clash of Souls APK without any further ado.

Clash of Souls APK vs Clash of Clans Official

Clash of SoulsClash of Clans Official
Unlimited Coin and GemsLimited Coins and Gems
Tower Skins UnlockedTower Skins Locked
One-Tap Command SystemNot Available
One-Tap Full Train ArmyNot Available
Free Gold PassPaid
Unlimited Free ShoppingPaid Shopping
Real-Time MatchmakingReal-Time Matchmaking
Latest Updates AvailableLatest Updates Available

Why Is Clash Of Souls So Special?

Why Is Clash Of Souls So Special?

The reason for Clash of Soul APK being so admirable is that it makes each and every mind-blowing feature available for clashers just after installing it. In this game, everything is so modest that a clasher can update his base the way he wishes to, as quickly as he wants to, and as beautiful as he had dreamt of.
Along with the above-mentioned features it has tons of other exciting features listed below:

  • It is highly compatible with Android & iOS
  • Various Custom Mods Offered
  • Modular Servers for a better experience
  • Various Gaming Commands Added
  • Limitless Troops
  • The best server with secure, fast, and stable.
  • Building Time takes 0 Sec
  • Easily apply Modification & Customization
  • Unlocked & enabled air sweepers

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Examine The Servers of Clash of Souls

Server 1 The Soul Eater: This is the most popular server 1 (S1). It comprises custom-made buildings mod, heroes mod, and troops mod such as Goku Hero, Boom Beach Building, Clash Royale Troops and gets access to you as many items you want.

Server 2 The Heart of Soul: It has features similar to S1. It too has unique crafted mods of buildings, troops, and heroes like Boom Beach Building, Conflict Royale Troops, and Goku Hero. Here, you can purchase items within a specified limit.

Server 3 The Velocity of Soul: This server does not offer you custom-made buildings, troops, or heroes as in S1 and S2. It has the same digit of buildings provided by the server if Supercell.

Server 4 The Vengeance of Soul: This server also has mod-addons as of Server 1 and 2 but without any buying limit, commands, Clash Royale & Boom Beach’s troops & buildings.

Final Words

The COC private server, Clash of Souls is straightforward and the best service where you own unlimited gems, gold, elixir, etc. that promotes your gaming directions. I would recommend you to download this MOD to raise your level high in the Clash world. It is a compilation of all features that a gamer looking for such as stability, compatibility, massive features, and safe to play and use. You won’t regret installing and playing it, instead, you will addicted to Clash Of Soul APK. Download Clash of Soul MOD from our site where we provide you 100% working and reliable link. Thank you for visiting our website. Do visit again to attain information regarding awesome applications.