Download Clash Royale MOD APK (Unlimited Money) For Android

Attention gamers! Is there anyone here who loves gaming? Anyone here who wants to play such a game that can’t bore you? Such a game where you wanna get addiction? Do you know a game where there are no extra costs or hidden charges? And want to know everything about it? here’s a game named CLASH ROYALE MOD APK which will set u free from your boredom! Then, you are at the right place. You have visited a place where you can get the correct information about CLASH ROYALE MOD APK! But do you want to know more about it? Browse through our article then!


Clash Royale mod apk is a game full of excitement and fun. This game does not cost any extra charges to you after downloading it. It is a challenging game for multiplayers playing at a real time and winning their trophies. Clash Royale mod app is a fun filled game which costs nothing but is free. It can be downloaded and played online or offline as per the players wish. This game has enormous features, salient characteristics, Royales, money, gems, coins, princes, princesses, rival King, troops, crowns, chests, baby dragons, upgraded versions, own battlefield, challenging private duels, and a lot and lot.

Clash Royale mod apk, as the name suggests, is a game which gets upgraded timely and is a modified game which helps you get into a realistic gaming experience. The word Mod itself suggests and explains that it is a modified version of the existing game – Clash Royale Apk. Sounds fascinating!So without delaying, Let’s go and read further to know more about the game- Clash Royale Mod Apk. Without getting tired or bored, Please continue to read the article to get more information on this interesting game.



1. Clash Royale mod apk is a game whose graphics are amazingly designed as everything seems to be Real!

2. All the stages are Unlocked! So that you can play and enjoy an amazing game whichever step or stage you want to choose and play!

3. Clash Royale mod apk allows its user’s Unlimited money! No restrictions like any other game!

4. CLASH ROYALE MOD APK is a modern game that gets updated from time to time to make its users satisfied with its latest versions!

5. This game can be installed without uninstalling the original App.

6. You guys can enjoy the game without using or wasting your internet! It’s played offline!

7. Clash Royale mod apk is a Mod version so it can be downloaded on all smartphones as well as on any android phone.

8. Users can use unlimited legendary cards as per their choices!

9. You are very free to open a lot of cases and get unlimited gems, unlimited money, and unlimited coins!

10. Most importantly, it’s a multiplayer game where Royales are starred by the makers of Clash Of Clans… And it’s all for FREE! GO and download the newest version of the game now!


In the game, you can collect as many characters of clash of clans troops and can upgrade them as well as the spells and defenses as per your liking.
There are Cards of Princes, Baby Dragons, and Knights, to upgrade as well which you would love to! You can build a clan and share your cards to construct your very own battle constituency! You have to overthrow your opponent and win various trophies by knocking down the Rival King, and Princesses from their towers and castles and capture their beautiful Crowns!
You have to take a lead for your clash family to attain victory! Clash Royale mod apk is totally a free game to download and play. From all around the world, players can play in real-time and win their trophies by earning and getting the chests for unlocking the rewards and upgrading the existing cards with the new and powerful cards.

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To achieve or win the Epic Crown Chests and crowns, players have to destroy the adversaries’ towers and crowns. With the Clash Royale Family, Players must keep upgrading, assembling, and structuring their cards collection along with dozens of your favorite and liked clash troops, defenses and spells. On the way to the top, players have to defeat their enemies and make enormous progress to the multiple arenas and construct their own Ultimate Battlefield. You can challenge your friends and mates and Clanmates to a perfect private duel. For the urge of learning new battle tactics, players or our warriors can watch The best duels on TV Royalesupport. So, what are you waiting for? Go and hurry up to download the game of CLASH ROYALE MOD APK.



From Common Cards You Get

  • Minions
  • Spear goblins
  • Knight, bomber
  • Skeletons
  • Barbarians
  • Bats
  • Rascals

From Rare Cards You Get

  • Wizard
  • Ice golem royal hogs
  • Zappies
  • Three Musketeers
  • Mega minion
  • Flying machine and a lot

From Epic Cards You Get

  • Prince
  • witch
  • hunters
  • balloons
  • baby dragons
  • skeleton army
  • giant skeletons
  • bowlers
  • guards
  • dark princes
  • and much more.

From Legendary Cards You Get

  • Royal ghost
  • night witch
  • ram rider
  • electro wizard
  • ice wizard princess,
  • lava hound
  • miner
  • lumberjack
  • magic archer
  • sparky..
  • and endless things and characters which will amaze you!


The makers of this game and the publisher knows how to get the hardcore game Players rid of their boredom by introducing a new and modified version of the existing game – Clash Of Clans! Therefore by keeping in mind the wants of a player, the new mod for this game , Clash Royale Mod Apk is introduced. Players feel like as if they are very well known to the game as they have played Clash Of Clans before. It makes them very comfortable. Once, the gameplay is very easy! Clash Royale ModApk will get you immersed in to the crazy, ferocious, fierce battle.

It is a combination of an attractive gaming style, as there are goalkeepers, different cards collections, gems, coins, exiler, chests, troops, crowns, etc. It’s a real-time multiplayer battleground game played worldly at a time online or offline, free of any cost.! No extra charges. No hidden costs. No need for another server. It has a private server. You can start battling against players from all around the world! Players can offer and accept new challenges. Can challenge their clanmates, friends for duel battles.


Defeat the Rival King and Princesses and win their crowns, with troops and chests and get one more step closer to your highest rank achievement.! The more you descend your enemies, the more you get your own large troops and battle deck, and vast battleground! Earn from common cards to- epic cards, Rare cards, and also Legendary cards. Endless resources make you fell mighty and powerfull and you will get an urge to earn more and more troops and battle grounds.

By the help of this game, players can enjoy multiple imaginations like real and fierce mightyful battles and fights between various clans and do much more that can’t be done in the past. If you really wanted to go in the past and watch and experience those battles and had a dream of becoming a King, this Game can surely give you the pleasure and a mighty experience and make you feel as you have succeed in your dream.

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You will have your own battleground, troops, treasures, chests, kingdoms, empire, golds, gems, that’s all Unlimited!! Millions of people all around the world are huge fans of Clash Royale Mod Apk because of its unique functions. And the free cost! This games is all Unlocked version gives you a space to assemble your weapons, troops, and all resources that will help you enjoy and fun in virtual life as well as as real life! You can even use a customized range of emotes while playing and have chatting as well while gameplay which gives you double the fun! There are a number of endless characters you would love to play with!


Unlimited Wealth and Max Level Townhall


This is the most loved and well-known feature of this game where you will find that if you download game from play store you will have to do a lot of process to be von the top of the game, such as, you have to buy troops, attack, set defense, and much more, where your lot of coins are spend but here in this Clash Royale APK, there are unlimited coins, troops, cards, surprise gifts, gems and much more. And to surprise you, this mod version also allows you to reach the max level and get the TownHall level 14.

Graphics and Sound Quality

With all other awesome features this game have its unique ability where you can find that it has great and HD video quality and it seems like we are joining the realistic clash royale battle in the real life and talking about sound quality you can hear battle sounds such as howling clinking of armors/weapons like swords and other.

Ads are Dead

In the official game which is present on play store there are many users complaining that ‘we have to go through hundreds of ads every minute’ but to conquer this problem we are providing you this awesome game where you will not find a single ad because vin this mod feature all types of incoming ads are blocked.

Hundreds of Levels and Tons of Missions

Hundreds of Levels and Tons of Missions

In Clash Royale MOD APK there are many levels to play and all those levels are unlocked for you in case you are downloading the MOD version of the game. increase and control the levels of your troops as per your wish. There will be a separate icon where you will find your daily missions to accomplish the game. Complete all missions or simply skip them because we are providing its fully unlocked version.

Free to Explore

As we know that people are mostly attracted towards everything free versions and if talking about spending real wealth, there are many troops and different stuffs locked because they need some extra real money if you download the official game, but we are providing Clash Royale MOD APK, where every in-app purchases are removed so feel free and download this amazing game.


1. Is this game safe to play?

Yes, of course, this is the most safest game version ever, feel free to download it is not a scam game that collects your personal data.

2. From where do I download this Clash Royale APK?

We provide you a 100% working one-tap downloading button from there you can download the game easily.

3. Which is the best Clash Royale Server?

According to us the best server of Clash royale are Nulls royale and Master royale,

4. Will there be any ads?

No, you will not find any type of ad in this game because its special feature block every ad that disturb the user.


To conclude we would like to say that our articles are the best, safest, and the most real ones. So, we are advising you that once you should have an experience of the gameplay of Clash royale MOD APK, download this game and thank us later. visit our site NULLSOCEAN again if you are in search of such mod apps and download it from the one-tap downloading button provided by us above.