Plenix Clash APK Download (Official 2022) Latest Updated Version

Plenix Clash APK
App NamePlenix Clash APK
APK Size200 MB
APK Version14.211.16
MOD FeaturesGold Pass unlocked
Update8 Hours Ago

Hello everyone! As per your need and greed for the battling game, we are here to cater to you in this article, all information, and knowledgeable guidelines about the most fierceful game- PLENIX CLASH! .. This game is published by the NullsOcean servers and it’s new modified version has created to provide unlimited gems and resources. It is an antiban game which you can enjoy till end.
Plenix clash Mod and COC have different servers and many distinctive features from each other. It can be downloaded on Android,iOS and any smartphone as well. So, if you are ready, let’s not delay anymore and move on to our summary.


Plenix Clash is a modified version of the Clash Of Clans game which is created to serve its COC FANS for them, to enjoy a realistic and interesting gameplay. PLENIX CLASH has its own private server which is in multiple number so that there comes no issue or trouble to players. It’s commands are very easy to use which saves your time. So that you get more time to play! Players or warriors here, can enjoy and get provided with the facility of the up-gradation of the server at regular intervals.

All the players and clans’ data can be stored in it’s huge database. The best part of the game is that, This game needs no upgrade time or costs. This is also available in IOS devices so that the energetic iPhone users too, can have fun with the game. Some of the amazing and exciting features of Plenix Clash are unlimited army camps capacity and custom troops with special abilities .

You all can get to play and enjoy the game which gets updated at times for experiencing the best features of the game!
It was all about you getting introduced to the game. Now let’s read further to know more about the interesting features of PLENIX CLASH.


PlenixClash Gameplay

As we all are hardcore fans of COC GAME. This game is a MOD version of it. It is a bit similar to COC but new features give it a new kick start for entering a new battlefield.
This game is an Epic strategical game in which we have to train our troops and select our base. With the help of our troops, we attack the enemies’s base to earn their loots and elixirs and chests. This helps us expand our territory. We have to upgrade our defence in order to make sure that our resources don’t get looted by other players. It makes it more interesting and playful by letting us try to save our territory as well. Defence is a must. Strategy is needed. You should also make sure that your base is safe as well. This gives you a tremendous pleasure! The More the attacks, the higher is the benefit!
This is where you get a hype of earning more and more treasures!

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  • List of all the amazing and exciting features are listed below-
  • In Easy to use commands, you get-
  • Maximize my village
  • Maximize my buildings
  • Remove all obstacles
  • All Super troops
  • All Heroes Skins’
  • Maximize all Troops
  • Maximize all Spells
  • Attack my Base
  • Attack generated base
  • Unlock all Scenery
  • Reset X
  • Disable super troops
  • Remove resources
  • Maximixe hero levels
  • Reset Hero levels
  • Reset villages
  • Add Medals
  • Add Magic items

Real opponents-

Real opponent Plenix Clash

You get to play this game online so that you play with real opponents as your enemies. With the help of this server you are getting a private server, You can join online real players and play with them. No bots are present in this private server. You can play in different mode like Online Mode, Clan mode and War mode.

Regular updates-

Plenix clash sends regular updates to its players so that they can efficiently use all the updated features on time. It ensures you weekly updates. All new & beta updates will be share with you on our site NullsOceon.COM. As like official server release their update by fixing issues and improving performances.

Quick Train Troops-

Quick train troops

Players get an opportunity to win unlimited gems and elixirs! At the end of the day, you get a chest full over pouring out of gems!. No need to worry about Gems and other resources. You are getting gems unlimited to buy anything from your shop. In official game, Its a really very difficult task to to earn gems and upgrade your clan. But With the help of infinite gems you can upgrade your troops in fractions of second

Working shops-

Unlocked Everything

PHOENIX CLASH provides you the same shop as the original one, where you can purchase decorating items for buildings and walls, etc. and to purchase the decorative items you don’t need to pay gems and coins. Its already unlocked. All items in shop are unlocked and ready to decorate your clan. I know in official server you have to pay gold and gems, that take too much time to earn and obviously you don’t want to spend them. That’s why in Plenix Clash Server your shop in fully unlocked with full of items

Real gameplay-

This game as we all know, is a multiplayer aimed game where you play with all troops and real players at one time. So that you come up with new strategies for battling! Plenix Clash Private server is for you!. Invite your friends and create your unbeatable clan.

So, what are you waiting for? Please go hurry! And download the game now!


The MOD version of this game provides us four servers named S1, S2, S3 and S4. Each of these servers provides with different and exciting features. But in all of these, there is the best advantage you get as well, which is UNLIMITED Gems and UNLIMITED Resources! This is a must download amazing game which provides you with the best servers and an urge to play and explore. It is an’Axe to cut boredom’ which you will find true!.

Flame flinger and Super dragon are added!

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This game has a fast server which is controlled by a number of multiple computers with a loads of data stored in it. This makes this game give us faster performance and helps reduce lags and bugs!


Plenix Clash Apk Unlimited gems

There are many mods which give fake promises about the features of their games. But PLENI CLASH MOD version assures you with 100℅ Unlimited Gems And Unlimited Resourses which gives you more fun to build your empire. You can grow your base in a fast and speedy way!


Here you get a new feature of fighting with a group of clans which attack each other in terms of war or battle on the battle ground. The normal way lasts for 2 days whereas Plenix Clash gives you a 3 day fierce battle. So be ready with your Battle Strategies!

What? You are still reading the article! It means that you still have some queries in your mind regarding our game. No worries! Let’s get answered to all your questions.


1. After I download the game, will the speed of my phone get reduced?

Absolutely no! It won’t harm the speed of your phone as it has been designed to give you good access to just the game and not your phone!

2. Can it be downloaded to Android or iOS?

Yes! It functions perfectly. May it be Andriois or iOS.

3. Does it costs for money?

No. It does not cost anything but an internet connection for downloading the game. It is absolutely free of costs.

4. Can it be played offline?

we suggest you to play it online because there, you meet real one time multiplayer which makes it more fun for battling around.

5. Is it safe to download the game?

Yes! Because Plenix Clash always offers and uploads the safest, trusted and scanned files on it’s servers.

6. Can I play this Mod on my PC?

Yes. Of course. You can play Plenic Clash on your PC as well as on your other external software like Bluestacks and Remix OS etc.

7. Can I play Plenix Clash and Original Clash Of Clans on the same device?

Yes. Why not! You can enjoy both the games in one device without deleting or uninstalling any one of them. These both games have different servers that is why you get to play two of the games in one device.

8. Why should I play this Mod version when I can play the original CLASH Of Clans game?

It is up to you what to choose between the original game or the new mod version. Each one has different server and the all new mod plenix clash has different features which gives you more unlimited resources and gems and treasures.

INSTALLATION GUIDE for Android users

For downloading and installing the game, you must follow the below instructions-

  1. Download PLENIX CLASH app from the link given below.
  2. Once downloaded, tap it. You get a message.
  3. Click on the allow button.
  4. And here, you are set to enjoy the game.!

You can also download it on your PC by Bluestacks and Remix OS.


If you download PLENIX CLASH MOD APK, you get a game that provides you unlimited Gems and unlimited resources, custom Mods, anti-ban, bug-free, 100℅ free of cost, very fast servers, weekly updated features, and much more! You can never get bored of the game. You get to enjoy all the new features and a real-time multiplayer battleground with unlimited resources. Most of all it’s free of cost!
So, are you satisfied with our data on PlenixClash Mod? Did you find it useful? Be ready for the fiercest experience of battle. Now hurry up! Download the game now! The treasures are been waiting for its player to grab it!